About Us

MusicGiants was founded by a group of people who believe that the music industry has suffered too long from the lack of sound quality delivered on digital music downloads. With backgrounds in entertainment and electronic transaction processing, they saw where the digital music industry was headed and set out to change its course. Launched in 2005, MusicGiants is still the only music download service to offer high-definition, lossless digital recordings from top music companies such as EMI Music, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. Since its inception, it has added Super HD downloads (as in re-mastered DVD Audio or SACDs available in either 5.1 surround sound or 2.0 stereo) which play at sample rates up to 11,000 kbps. The listening experience at this level will remind you of the rich, warm sound of vinyl.

Currently, MusicGiants integrates with top hardware manufacturers such as Niveus, Crestron, Imerge, Audio Design Associates (ADA), Inteset, and Xperinet which provide access to MusicGiants’ premium content through their high-performance entertainment systems. Anyone can access and purchase the highest quality HD entertainment directly through their media server and have it delivered right into their living room. And, with the introduction of Microsoft’s Vista operating platform, customers can now enjoy MusicGiants’ full-resolution files in their homes as well as transcode them down to play on their portable media devices and wireless phones. Once this pure, unparalleled source is tapped, your music becomes mobile and you can enjoy MusicGiants’ superior sound quality wherever you go. Experience HD.